Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey World Championships 2008

German Ice Eagles capture Bronce Medal

First Ice Hockey Medal for Germany since 32 years: 2:0 Win against Latvia in Bronze Medal Match. - Cruel 1:2 Sudden Death Loss against Slovakia in Semi Final



Helsinki, 2008-12-27
The German Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey Team gained the 3. place in their first World Championships. Although some strongheaded optimists might have hoped for more, this is a big success and means the first ice hockey medal concerning worldwide tournaments for Germany since 32 years (3. place in Olympic Games 1976 ;).
The match between the "disappointed", the semi final loosers GER vs. LAT, was like the match before again determined by tactics. Having lost the 1.round match against Latvia with 0:5, this time the more cautious and patient Germans had the lucky end for them by 2 goals in the third period, so that they could have a nice party with its friends from Warstein, Budweis & Carlsberg ;)

This was quite a contrast to the semi final match against Slovakia, during and after that match the Germans - as romours say - had a veritable row in their own house. It's told by an addept, that adductor problems of one player and further complications of this had been the reason... That way unsettled the Germans startet in the match. The early 0:1 in the 1. period was not helpful to regain confidence. But in the 2. period the Germans struck back and gained the tie. Now the thriller began again. The 3. period was as without goals as the 4. period (first overtime period). Finally in the 5. period the Germans wanted to enforce the decision, but then a little lack of concentration in the defense crossed all their high hopes...

Team Germany 2008:   Stats   Coach: Makze
Players: MuffinHoe (captain), greg, Nevermind, ohis, otoolee, Shakaali


There's life in the old dog yet!

Seemingly knocked out Team Germany reaches Semi Finals

Helsinki, 2008-12-22 Match by match the 3-league World Championships develope as an exciting thriller. The Finns - in all foresights estimated to be dominant by miles - lost against Czech and had also a hard, close fight against Latvia. The Germans, seemingly to be knocked out after two losses in the first two matches of the final round, eliminated the Czechs and reached by two more wins against Sweden and Slovakia the semi finals.
This happened although nobody would have given a penny for the Germans after the staggering 0:5 loss against excellent playing Latvians in the 1. game of the 2. round. But then - believe it or not - in the course of the next 0:5 loss against Finnland confidence came back and grew minute by minute. During 2 1/2 periods the German bulwark could only be defeated by a bug goal - the puck went in from behind through a hole in the net. After the 0:2 the wall crashed - but the Germans took away the awareness, that anything goes, if only there is a strong belief... The next game delivered the proof: 11:2 against Sweden, the team, that had beaten the Germans in the 1. round. The Germans played like in exstase. Now they held a real ear of hope in their hands. After the partly surprising results of the other matches it was clear: every game now had to be won and therefore every game now was likely a final game. The next step was a 3:2 win against Czech. It was a hard battle, 3 periods under pressure! A flawless hattrick by Shakaali within 2 minutes of the 2. period, each assisted by O'Toole, brought the decision.
But there was another win necessary in the next match against Slovakia... Everything was fine after the 1. period. 1:0 and dominant playing. Some seconds before the end of the 2. period it happened: 1:1! And in the beginning of the 3. period everything seemed lost: 1:2! Now the Germans had to proove: there's live in the old dog yet. And it was! The whole team fighted back with strong power and made true the impossible again. Three goals by Ohis were quite helpful to the 4:2 win, that led to the semi finals.
Anything goes...


Back on the Way to Success

5:1 Derby Win against Netherlands leads Germany to Final Round

Helsinki, 2008-12-12
An effort of increased concentration led team Germany to the final round of the WC-Cup. Based upon a compact and very attentive defence, the German team acted cautious but always watching for the chance to run fast attacks. That way the Netherlands played as well as the Germans in the midfield, but the resoluteness in front of both goals made the difference. Surely it helped, that Germany made 2 early goals, so that the pressure was on the Oranjes then. After the 1:2 the Netherlands made a lot alarm and the Germans had to go through some precarious moments, but the 3:1 some seconds before the end of the 1. period calmed down the game again. In the next 2 periods the Netherlands tried to attack, but did not manage to build up enough force nor break the German defense at all. Rather the Germans had more efficient attacks and made 2 more goals. The tournament continues with the best 6 teams. Half final is calling...


Sweden shows off Germany's limits

Desillusioning 2:4 Loss in 1. WC Match

Helsinki, 2008-12-10
Are the good results in preparation for the WC examples without worth? Germany started the championships with a well earned loss against a strong and decidedly acting Swedish team.
The because of their half-german players in some quick-tempered discussions in the front end of the WC somewhat scandalized Germans fell soon in the behind and did not manage to fight their nervousness from that point on. Beginning in the defense the big flagging spread up also to offense. That way the players scampered across the ice with little orientation. And when the swedish attackers like elite Devereaux came into the run, it always lurked to be a fatal nightmare for little defender greg.
But nothing is lost now: While the Swedes will go on to the final round unbeaten, the German's next preliminary game is big decision game: Now a win is needed - as well as an enormous enhancement of performance. And who will be the next opponent? No, not Austria! But not less but maybe even more juicy: Its the Netherlands, our good friends in the North West! So on friday no win is no option: Or does anybody wanna hear "Oranje Boven" all next year? One nightmare in a week is enough... ;)


Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey Preparation Games for the WC 2008:

5:0 Win against Poland

German National Team remains unbeaten. - MuffinHoe tries something: yes he can!

Also in their 3. game the German Kiekko National Team (Multiplayer Hockey Team) did not loose. After 2 ties against Czech 6 weeks ago this time they reached in an again - no doubt - great match an invulnerably 5:0 victory against Poland.
Because of the successful attackers of the recent two games against CSR, Shakaali and O'Toole, could not find their way to the German Hockey-Center (for what mysterios reasons ever...;), this time the team captain and budgetary chief defender MuffinHoe had to attack - together with ohiz. "Omg..." might have thought the one or the other of the German players by himself. But - what a surprise - yes he can - he can attack, this good old Muffin in his late spring ;). But how! Three times he scored, and if the game really had had 3 periods... who knows... "Newcomer" ohiz, too, contributed surprising ideas and excellent skills as well as the cool-headed, detached acting second "newbie" NeverMind. This way the wise and well experienced German Coach Makze had almost a calm and quiet evening, if not ... yes, if special friend, unteachable defender greg, had not caused some alarm with some of his especially by his own mates well feared risky runs all over the playground. But this time he was both: as successless concerning assists as without deciding epic fails.
"Two shoot-outs in a row - why does the coach bitch with me", nagged an excited greg after game discretely ... ;). But as the night grew darker & deeper, the good humoured Germans looked out for new plans: next time let's beat the Russians and Canadians - and after that the Finns!


Two Ties against Czech Republic

Team Germany plays 3:3 and 0:0 against the Central Europe Master

The freshly born German Kiekko multiplayer ice hockey national team sensationally eked out two undecided in its first 2 international matches against Central Europe Master Czech Republic.
In the first game there was even still more in it: Until the middle of the 2nd period the German 4 led by goals of Shakaali and O' Toole with 3:1, but finally it had to accept the tie against the fervently fighting Czechs.
In the 2nd meeting the concrete made in Germany was still another few degrees stronger: After a self-sacrificing defensive battle the Germans held with little luck a 0:0 at the end of a nerve-racking match. Thus team Germany celebrated a successful national game debut.
Among the German ice heroes, at the side of the well experienced professionals MuffinHoe from Aachen, O' Toole from Frankfurt and legionnaire Shakaali from Helsinki was also the contract amateur Greg from Hannover, who despite some uncertainties alltogether made good games and even contibuted two assists. The German Team convinced by teamwork and unrestrained combat spirit. Defense chief MuffinHoe organized the teutonic bulwark with overview and determination, the attackers Shakaali and O' Toole were always dangerous like fire and extremely effective with their runs. Particularly during the 2nd game however they had to perform primarily unselfishly, valuable defensive work, so that they did not become as powerful as used in the opponents field.
"This was bitterly necessary, because otherwise probably we would have got a couple of foul eggs in our store", a completely exhausted Greg said after the matches.


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