Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey World Championships 2008

Finnish Power smashes Slovakian Bravery

Finland Multiplayer Hockey World Champion by 10:1-Win against Slovakia



Helsinki, 2008-12-27
The final game of the 3 League Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey World Championships became a showdown of Finnish power and skills, that disturbed soon all might be secretely beared hopes of the Slovakian opponents. The brave and self confident - as it shaped up after: maybe too confident - Slovakians risked the field battle face to face. This honoured them, but they had to pay for it bitterly. Again and again they went in the open knife, better said in the open sable of the as swift as an arrow biting Finnish attackers and their killing shots from the flanks.
That way the final was a good example for to have a look at the art of playing kiekko (finnish for hockey), but it was disappointing regarding the tension about the uncertainity of the result, concerning that also the dominant Finnish team could be brought in a hassle with more defensiv - some may call it destructiv ;) - tactics, as other teams like the Czech, the Latvian and some periods also the Germans had shown better in the course of the World Championships.
Nevertheless Finnland is no doubt the true champion, and the Slovaks had earned their chance by proving their good skills in the matches before.
But why the hell did they not try more tactical to seize this opportunity ?


all 11 goals of the WC final


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