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Another adventure. This time it's the Rogue on the run. Would you mind to help him out here and there?

Next week is Halloween. Prepare yourself and escort the gentleman on his adventurous ways through the night...

Recently I discovered the lovely Rinmaru fashion games. Now you can play three of them at Gothic and Romantic Dress Up and Avatar Creator.

Olympic Games
Past Olympics is previous to Olympics. So don't be a lazy bone and start your training in six different contests at the Olympic Games ...

Server Change
This month we are going to change the server. Presumably you won't get bothered at all, but one never knows...

Basketball Game
What about your scoring skills? Are you a real hitman or do you maybe need some practice? Find it out by playing the newly added basketball game!

New Balls, Please!
With the Stick Tennis Game we added a brand new and another very fast sports game to our site.
Game, set, match - to you...?

Ready to save the world?
Go back to the beginning of time, the days of myths and legends and become a warrier defending your tribe against the mysterious enemies that never sleep.
We proudly present the new browser game 'Koyotl' by upjers on our site. If you like 3D role-playing games, consider to give it a try!

The London Olympic Games are in full swing. Next week the athletic sports start. So we've been looking for some olympic flash games. Unfortunately we couldn't find an adequate substitute for the famous Hyper Olympic Games by Konami. But we found 2 games that remind of them:
Summer Olympic Games
Virtual Olympic Games.

High time to add a new game once again. Let's do it fast! The boats in the 'Speed Boat Runaways' game need a second to get into gear, but it comes harder from race to race.

Another game we have been looking for since a long time is Nine Men's Morris resp. Mills. Now you can play it here. With this game you'll find all classic ancient games on our site: Chess, Backgammmon, Go (in multiplayer mode and as link to a friend's site), Gobang, Mancala and now Nine Men's Morris. Do you miss one?

We proudly present a new game on Desktop Minigolf.
What do you think: Is it ok to play a casual game like this one or at most two times a day at work?

No, it's not yet X-mas, but there is already a nice gift laying on our 'table for presents': We are proud to be one of the first sites presenting the excellent carrom game 'Carrom Pool' by the talented 'Raketspel' game desig studio.
Convince yourself!

It's St Nicholas' Day! Did you find some chocolate in your boots? Ooops, some easter eggs??? Hmmm...

Like our new header? Finally we are 'fancy games', so we added some fancy dress up games - for girls only!

But we also have new games for the boys. It's wintertime, so it's time to learn how to control your car if it comes to drifting. We'll train your skills not only on ice, but also during a desert's sandstorm, my favourite car race game.

Last but not least good news for the anterior apes: Gorilla is back...;)

The All Blacks reached the final of the rugby WC in NZL.
We hope, the fancy games haka will help them to win also the final. Let's go!
fancy games haka

Update 2011-10-23
Today the All Blacks won the final 8:7 vs. France!
According to this narrow result the fancy haka must have been very needful...

Recently I discovered some nice novel games. Although I do not plan to add new games more often than once a month, I could not resist to put them on the site instantly. So you have got some more time until Xmas to train your skills with Backgammon, Mancala, Chinese Checkers or Castle Defense matches.

Autumn has come. The good times are over. Really???
I don't know. But the best season to play begins now. So we put 3 new games on our site. Ice Hockey is quite a typical winter fun. Also the chess multiplayer game is most convenient played beneath a well burning stove. And don't forget to give the new hot pinball game 'Short Circuit' a try. You won't regret it, it's gameplay is matchable to the legendary 'Space Cadet', if you know what I mean...
Anyway, move your digits sometimes, that there will not grow some dosh on it...;)

These days the women's football world cup championships are played.
Good chance to put some more nice football resp. soccer games on the site...

Huh. Now you are flabbergasted, you halfhearted unbelievers, are you?
That's it - the relaunch is executed except for some minor (minor??? - hmmm...) improvements yet to do. The site has got a more pleasing outfit (I hope), some new fancy games arrived, some others went, and most important a pliant new engine is working behind the scenery now.
So let's gonna play and have fun... ;)

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