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Actually Poker remains on top of the most played Games. Second is the Fancy Pants Adventure. Penalty Fever has lost 3 ranks and is now on 5. Therefore Tennis is on 3, Bubbles on 4.
Hmmm... sorry, but the relaunch has not yet begun. I'm working on it, i'm on my way, but more like a cochlea than like a hunting leopard...



You win some, you lose some...
Currently we lost our good PR 4 and fell back to PR 3. This happened presumably because i had no time to care for the site. The relaunch has to wait until i manage to get some other business fixed...
In April poker regained the pool position in the most played games ranking. You can view the top 5 positions further ahead. Billiards, Light-Bot and - stand back in amazement - Hockey are the most hot candidates to enter the top 5 next.
We' ll see...

2010-01-01 - Cheers on New Year's Day!
New Year's Eve ended with a nice surprise: has got pagerank 4 from Google! This means, that the site is not as bad as some of you look this morning... (joke - you all look phantastic!;). So it was a good end for the year and also a motivating beginning.
Although the big turnaraund for this page is not planned until this year: I want to redesign the site with PHP. This will give more interactive possibilities and it can be easier administrated.
Too bad, that i did not learn programming in PHP until last year, so that i will now have a lot of work during the weeks to come. I hope the reorganisation can be completed in spring, but there are also a lot of oher things to do so i cannot guarantee.
But who will blame me - it's all about fun and hobby.
Penalty fever has won the year's end rally - no surprise for me. The followers were the Tennis Game, Poker, Billiards and - Fancy Pants. Omg - nice... Hockey was not really relevant. So sorry - for you...
Hope, you enjoy your lives and make the best out of the rest of it!

2009-10-03 - Hey, what's this...?
Billiards lost its top five rank against Fancy Pants and is now on 6!
And Penalty Fever crowned its long big run and is now on top of the most played games! Poker, Tennis and Bubble Shooters are the followers. On 7 appears now the nice Rural Racer Race game. Let's look, how it will be placed next...
But where has Ice Hockey gone? Omg, don't ask me, please DO NOT ASK... ;(

Poker won the July race!
In July the Poker Game Texas Hold'em made a big step and climbed from rank 5 to the top of the most played games on this site. Penalty fever won another place and is now on 2. Tennis went down from 1 to 3 - will it regain pool position this month??? Bubble Shooter entered the top five on rank 4. Billiards lost one place and is now on 5.
On rank 6 another of my favourite games is lurking for it's chance. But i dont think it will reach the top 5. Only me and maybe 1 or 2 other guys worldwide are crazy enough to love this strange hockey game that much...
am i right ??? ;)

June/Juli 2009
In Memoriam Michael Jackson, King of Pop (* 1958-08-29, † 2009-06-25)
Well, i never was what you could call a fan of Michael Jackson. But without no doubt he was an extraordinary famous artist, one of the greatest in modern times. He not only made a lot unforgettable arrangements of music and entertainment, he, as a petite, in private life shy, highly sensible man like Charlie Chaplin was, created a culture of pop and staged his and his countless fans excentric broken dreams of a phantastic world - as well as he obviously suffered unspeakable pain - for what reason or purpose ever. That way he stood as an allegory for our time: One step from gloriousness to misery, always fighting on the edge between attack and getaway, courage and fear, awesome and piteous at the same time.
I am not shocked about his death - how could i be with that much innocent dying every day - but when i listen to his music - and i listen a lot these days - i am indeed emotional touched. And full of respect for a life, that stands extremely for the fate of us beings in a world that - as it sometimes seems - shows no mercy til the end. So death might be a way to salvation.
P.S. The best comment i read about him recently was titled:
'He was a wonder'.
There's nothing more to add...

Our friends have nice games on their sites, too. Recently i added a few quite remarkable games on friends sites here on the startpage and on the flash games page. Maybe you should try...;)

Some improvements. Site is now in quite a good condition, i think. Everything seems prepared for the next big projekt we plan. But it will take some time, maybe some weeks, maybe some month...

The Kiekko Multiplayer Hockey Online Game basic pages are established. Every team has it's own site now. So i'm waiting for the moment when time meets creativity to expand and improve the content...

From sunday til yesterday we were lots of hours offline :(
Hope, you missed us... But after changing the server now here we are again.
With some new games. Who will be the first to play ?

Today we added a report about the Multiplayer Hockey World Championships final 2008. If you are interested in fancy stuff like this, you should risk a look here.

Starting with handpicked flash and shockwave games, we now added some cool Multiplayer Online Games. This way you can play now Backgammon, Go, Chess, Darts or Marbles as well as Hockey, Golf, Soccer or Poker on this site!

Site is online now!
Ok, its online since 2008-09-27, but this was only for testing. Today is official start of My first site with something like css...:)
Cheers, à la votre, nastarovje, prosit ... and Skol - ups... :)
Omg - barely online, i found already some first mistakes: And as more as i think about it, i must admit: site looks terrible...
Ok, we must grow, and we will grow, that's for sure! ;)

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